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The Magic of Storytelling

We humans are natural storytellers and telling "our own" story has historically been a way to survive.


They say a great teacher is a natural storyteller, but I believe we can all learn the art of telling a story effectively, in writing as well as live in front of others.


I enjoy storytelling as a craft, and have told stories to small and large audiences in the U.S and abroad, as well as produced storytelling events. 








                            "Wanted" at SOUND BITES, Brunswick, ME, June 29 2019.





                  "Earning Jew Cred," at SOUND BITES, Brunswick, ME, June 21 2018.

Below you can check out a video recording of my first ZOOM storytelling event organized by the Let's Talk About Food Podcast, on the theme of PASSOVER,
sponsored by:
Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 6.36.50 PM.png
Nina telling a story about her conversion to Judism and how her divorce re-affirmed her Jewish identity (Hartford, CT)
Above, Nina telling a story to a sold out crowd  at SPEAK UP! at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT, Spring 2016. I've told several stories at Speak Up and also taken storytelling workshops with the indomitable Matthew Dicks, who is something like a 38-times winner of the Moth Grand Slam...Simply da best teacher ever!
Above: poster for our inaugural Jerusalem Storytelling Event in English, that I organized with my friend Deena Levenstein in April 2017 in Israel

Click on the button below or image above to read my essay on the importance of storytelling, titled "Stories We Tell"

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